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Stand Up Paddleboards $250.00 per week                               
Please specify maximum rider weight when making your reservation.

Double kayaks $250.00 per week (includes 2 paddles and 2 adult life vests)

Single kayaks $ 185.00 per week (includes 1 paddle and 1 adult life vest)

Single Seat Angler Kayak $200.00 per week (includes 1 paddle and 1 adult vest)

Hobie Bravo $425.00 per week (includes 2 adult life vests)

Surf Yak $185.00 per week (includes one paddle and 1 adult life vest)

Zayak Sea Sled $65.00 per week   (with fins $75.00 per week)- Perfect for the dry snorkeler :-)

Body Boards $45.00 per week

Skim Boards $35.00 per week

Mask & Snorkel $25.00 per week (Fins available for $15.00 per week - Limited stock available)Loun

Lounge Floats $50.00 per week

Life Vests (Adult $25.00 per week, Kids $20.00 per week)

Brand, model and color may vary slightly from above pictures